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Electrical Parts
Electric Panel
Lamps Bulbs
NAP Pn#DLL53 bayonet lampIn stock$1.75
E-41137P-462In stock$8.50
Machine Screw
6-32 screw 3/8"In stock$0.06
Timing Pulley
290 mm 7.30mm pitch 12..7 mm wideIn stock$8.00
Vertical mill CNC
MINITECH-2In stock$2,500.00
Single Sided
Raw Material
Carbon and Graphene
Fiber Glass
Metal and Transistion
Polymer and Plastic
10uf / 25VIn stock$0.55
1N5402In stock$0.12
ER1400In stock$0.70
GP20DIn stock$1.00
S5VBIn stock$2.00
BC149In stock$0.45
BC546In stock$0.75
BC547In stock$0.75
BC549In stock$0.75
BC556In stock$0.75
BC557In stock$0.75
BC558In stock$0.75
BC559In stock$0.75
BD123In stock$0.75
BD140In stock$0.75
BD234In stock$0.75
BD420In stock$0.67
BD530In stock$0.75
BF422In stock$0.47
BF423In stock$1.12
FET (Field Effect Transistors)
2SK108In stock$1.05
2SK117GRIn stock$1.05
2SK146VIn stock$2.03
2SK150GRIn stock$3.05
2SK152In stock$4.05
2SK19In stock$1.05
2SK192AIn stock$1.05
2SK19GRIn stock$4.05
2SK240GRIn stock$2.05
2SK246BLIn stock$12.05
2SK30AIn stock$1.05
2SK30AGRIn stock$3.05
2SK363V-GRIn stock$1.05
2SK59GRIn stock$1.05
2SK68In stock$2.05
2SK68AIn stock$2.05
3SK23In stock$1.05
3SK45GRIn stock$3.05
IC (integrated circuit)
AN6838In stock$0.80
AN7905In stock$1.05
AN7908In stock$1.00
AN8374SIn stock$0.95
AN8377NIn stock$1.35
BA12004In stock$1.65
BA3416BLIn stock$1.45
BA6810SIn stock$2.55
BA6993In stock$1.65
BA6993-605961In stock$1.65
BA6993-802783In stock$1.65
CD4082BCNIn stock$1.05
CS9012In stock$0.75
CX050In stock$1.05
CX065BIn stock$1.05
CX20108In stock$1.25
CX20109In stock$2.25
CX20152In stock$2.25
CX23034In stock$1.05
CX23035In stock$1.05
CX564171In stock$0.95
CX7933In stock$1.85
CX7934In stock$1.25
CX7935In stock$1.25
CXA1331SIn stock$2.15
CXP50116In stock$2.25
CXP5058HIn stock$1.35
D75206CWIn stock$2.55
D78043GFIn stock$0.75
HA11225In stock$2.05
HA11228In stock$2.05
HA1194In stock$2.05
HA12016In stock$0.75
HA12017In stock$1.45
HA12038In stock$1.25
HA16619PIn stock$0.85
HD14015BPIn stock$1.15
HD38980CIn stock$1.35
HD614042SIn stock$4.05
HD614048SIn stock$1.45
HD614049SIn stock$0.85
HD614120SIn stock$0.75
HD614128SIn stock$1.75
HD7400PIn stock$1.75
HD7404PIn stock$1.32
HD7410PIn stock$0.75
HD74193PIn stock$2.35
HD7420PIn stock$1.65
HD7427PIn stock$1.65
HD74293PIn stock$0.75
HD7430PIn stock$1.35
HD7432PIn stock$1.45
HD7442APIn stock$0.75
HD7474PIn stock$1.55
HD7486PIn stock$1.75
HD7490APIn stock$1.65
HD7493APIn stock$0.75
HD74HC27PIn stock$0.85
HD74LS107PIn stock$0.42
HD74LS233PIn stock$0.32
HD74LS74APIn stock$1.20
HD74LS86PIn stock$0.32
IG02950In stock$5.05
IG03000In stock$3.05
IR2433In stock$0.95
IR3C01In stock$2.05
LA1230In stock$0.95
LA7910In stock$0.95
LA9100In stock$2.05
LB1416In stock$0.70
LC6520HIn stock$2.00
LC6527CIn stock$2.00
LC6527HIn stock$2.00
LC6538DIn stock$0.70
LC6543CIn stock$2.50
LC7258In stock$2.70
LC7308In stock$1.70
LC7816In stock$2.70
LC7830In stock$2.70
LC78301In stock$2.95
LC7881In stock$2.85
LM1307NIn stock$0.70
LM13600NIn stock$2.50
LM63B05Y0D03In stock$0.80
LM6402H1885In stock$1.50
LM6405LIn stock$1.50
M50747279FPIn stock$0.80
M50747603SPIn stock$0.80
M50747647SPIn stock$1.50
M51008PIn stock$1.50
M51725LIn stock$1.50
M53323PIn stock$1.70
M54641LIn stock$1.65
MA1050In stock$1.70
MB1725LIn stock$0.85
MB8805HIn stock$1.65
MSM5525In stock$1.65
MSM5818RSIn stock$2.25
NE5517NIn stock$1.50
NJL-5141EB-CIn stock$0.75
PCM53JPVIn stock$3.75
PCM56PIn stock$1.50
PCM58PIn stock$3.00
PN4355In stock$0.75
SLC6350SIn stock$1.50
SM6415A4SIn stock$0.75
SN74LS05NIn stock$0.40
SN74LS192NIn stock$1.50
SN74LS47NIn stock$0.75
STK0050IIIn stock$6.75
STK013In stock$3.75
STK025In stock$5.25
STK032In stock$7.50
STK075In stock$6.75
STK1023In stock$9.25
STK1050In stock$8.50
STK1060In stock$7.75
STK3062In stock$7.75
STK3106In stock$7.55
STK4044VIn stock$7.75
STK4132IIIn stock$7.75
STK4141VIn stock$7.75
STK4142IIIn stock$7.75
STK4152IIIn stock$7.88
STK4171VIn stock$7.13
STK4181VIn stock$7.55
STK459In stock$7.55
STK460In stock$7.55
STK465In stock$10.50
STK4843In stock$9.25
STK4863In stock$10.50
STK4893In stock$9.75
STK6932In stock$6.25
STK7100Out of stock$114.25
TA1001In stock$7.50
TA200WOut of stock$137.50
TA64In stock$0.65
TA7061APIn stock$0.95
TA7123PIn stock$0.98
TA7129PIn stock$1.55
TA7136PIn stock$0.75
TA7140PIn stock$0.65
TA7230PIn stock$0.75
TA7256PIn stock$1.55
TA7302PIn stock$1.55
TA7318PIn stock$0.75
TA7322PIn stock$1.55
TA7348PIn stock$0.45
TA7354PIn stock$1.55
TA7504SIn stock$0.75
TA75233SIn stock$1.13
TA75458SIn stock$1.13
TA75557SIn stock$0.75
TA75747PIn stock$0.75
TA75902PIn stock$0.75
TA7629PIn stock$2.25
TA7731PIn stock$1.55
TA7808APIn stock$1.55
TC5069BPIn stock$0.75
TC5081PIn stock$1.55
TC74HC10PIn stock$0.75
TC9130PIn stock$2.25
TC9134PIn stock$3.00
TC9135PIn stock$2.25
TC9142PIn stock$3.00
TC9147BPIn stock$3.00
TC9147PIn stock$3.00
TC9172PIn stock$2.25
TC9303ANIn stock$3.75
TC9304PIn stock$2.25
TD3493BPIn stock$3.00
TD62551SIn stock$1.50
TD62554SIn stock$3.00
TD62703PIn stock$3.75
TD62706PIn stock$2.25
TD6705APIn stock$0.75
TMP4310APIn stock$2.25
TMP4315APIn stock$1.50
TMP47C200ANIn stock$6.00
TMP47C410ANIn stock$3.75
TMP47C870NIn stock$3.75
TN41AIn stock$3.00
TP9054In stock$6.00
TPS703In stock$0.75
TTLG41453BIn stock$0.75
UA78MGIn stock$0.75
UPC1243CIn stock$0.75
UPC1287CIn stock$0.75
UPC14305HIn stock$3.00
UPD4050CIn stock$0.37
UPD4538GIn stock$1.95
UPD6360CIn stock$1.50
UPD6362CIn stock$0.75
UPD75288CWIn stock$3.00
UPD78042GFIn stock$0.75
XR1091ECPIn stock$6.00
YM2201FKIn stock$17.25
YM3531In stock$7.50
YM3623BIn stock$4.50
2N1305In stock$0.75
2N3096In stock$1.50
2N6109In stock$0.75
2N6111In stock$0.75
2N6486In stock$0.75
2N6490In stock$0.75
2N6552In stock$0.75
2N6553In stock$0.75
2N6556In stock$0.75
2N6576In stock$0.75
2N6728In stock$0.75
2N9016In stock$0.75
MJ15004In stock$6.00
MJ2955In stock$0.95
MJE253In stock$0.75
MM4003In stock$4.50
MP2001In stock$0.80
MPS8599In stock$0.75
MPSA06In stock$0.75
MPSA13In stock$0.75
MPSA93In stock$0.75
MPSD51In stock$0.75
TIP32In stock$0.73
TIS93In stock$0.75
NPN Transistors
2SC1036In stock$0.26
2SC1050In stock$0.75
2SC1302In stock$0.75
2SC1330In stock$0.35
2SC1368In stock$7.50
2SC1402In stock$3.75
2SC1403In stock$5.25
2SC1472KIn stock$0.75
2SC1509In stock$0.75
2SC1569In stock$0.75
2SC1583In stock$2.25
2SC1624OIn stock$3.75
2SC1625YIn stock$2.25
2SC1628In stock$0.75
2SC1628OIn stock$0.75
2SC1628YIn stock$0.75
2SC1652RIn stock$0.75
2SC1681In stock$0.55
2SC1708In stock$0.75
2SC1735In stock$0.75
2SC1775In stock$0.75
2SC1841EIn stock$0.75
2SC1890AIn stock$0.75
2SC1906In stock$0.57
2SC1940MIn stock$0.75
2SC1941LIn stock$0.75
2SC1959In stock$0.75
2SC1986In stock$1.50
2SC2023In stock$0.75
2SC2060QIn stock$0.75
2SC2060RIn stock$0.75
2SC2062In stock$0.75
2SC2088BLIn stock$1.20
2SC2238YIn stock$1.50
2SC2240GRIn stock$0.91
2SC2259In stock$1.50
2SC2281In stock$4.50
2SC2291In stock$0.75
2SC2291FIn stock$0.75
2SC2375In stock$0.75
2SC2458GRIn stock$0.87
2SC2458YIn stock$0.87
2SC2491In stock$1.50
2SC2564OIn stock$3.75
2SC2577In stock$1.50
2SC2580OIn stock$1.50
2SC2581OIn stock$3.75
2SC2581YIn stock$3.75
2SC2710YIn stock$0.73
2SC2773In stock$8.25
2SC2773OIn stock$6.75
2SC2774In stock$7.50
2SC2774GIn stock$8.25
2SC2803In stock$0.75
2SC2824OIn stock$0.75
2SC2855YIn stock$0.75
2SC3331In stock$0.65
2SC3400In stock$0.74
2SC3854In stock$4.50
2SC3854OIn stock$4.50
2SC3858In stock$8.25
2SC3858YIn stock$3.75
2SC491In stock$0.75
2SC607In stock$0.75
2SC708In stock$0.75
2SC733In stock$3.00
2SC799In stock$1.50
2SC828In stock$0.12
2SC897In stock$1.50
2SC960In stock$0.75
2SC998In stock$3.00
2SD1148OIn stock$2.25
2SD1148RIn stock$6.75
2SD1189In stock$0.75
2SD1189RIn stock$0.75
2SD1227QIn stock$0.75
2SD1380QIn stock$0.75
2SD1406GRIn stock$0.75
2SD1406YIn stock$0.75
2SD1408YIn stock$1.50
2SD1423QIn stock$0.75
2SD1469In stock$0.75
2SD1585KIn stock$3.00
2SD1666SIn stock$3.75
2SD1682SIn stock$0.75
2SD1781In stock$0.75
2SD180In stock$1.50
2SD188In stock$7.50
2SD202In stock$1.50
2SD234In stock$0.75
2SD235In stock$0.75
2SD235YIn stock$0.75
2SD308In stock$3.00
2SD313In stock$1.50
2SD325In stock$0.75
2SD325EIn stock$1.50
2SD381In stock$0.75
2SD424In stock$4.50
2SD425In stock$7.50
2SD425OIn stock$6.75
2SD427In stock$7.50
2SD428In stock$3.75
2SD468In stock$0.75
2SD471KIn stock$0.75
2SD528YIn stock$1.50
2SD551RIn stock$6.75
2SD665In stock$6.00
2SD666In stock$0.75
2SD668AIn stock$0.75
2SD669In stock$0.75
2SD675In stock$6.75
2SD687In stock$3.00
2SD716In stock$0.75
2SD718RIn stock$0.75
2SD718R(metaIn stock$0.75
2SD745In stock$3.75
2SD836In stock$0.75
2SD845OIn stock$2.25
2SD845RIn stock$3.00
2SD985KIn stock$1.50
PNP Transistors
2SA1006In stock$0.75
2SA1048YIn stock$0.45
2SA1050In stock$2.25
2SA1094AIn stock$5.25
2SA1104In stock$1.50
2SA1105In stock$1.50
2SA1106YIn stock$1.50
2SA1111In stock$0.75
2SA1116In stock$3.00
2SA1169YIn stock$5.25
2SA1170GIn stock$13.50
2SA1170YIn stock$12.75
2SA1186YIn stock$9.00
2SA1301RIn stock$5.25
2SA1318In stock$0.43
2SA1319In stock$0.45
2SA1320BIn stock$4.50
2SA1494In stock$9.00
2SA149YIn stock$0.45
2SA1944In stock$0.34
2SA489In stock$0.75
2SA495In stock$2.25
2SA510In stock$1.34
2SA537In stock$1.50
2SA561In stock$0.75
2SA641In stock$0.75
2SA706In stock$1.50
2SA715OIn stock$0.43
2SA720QIn stock$0.75
2SA720RIn stock$0.75
2SA722In stock$0.75
2SA740In stock$0.75
2SA743In stock$0.37
2SA744In stock$3.00
2SA765In stock$3.75
2SA794In stock$0.75
2SA798In stock$2.25
2SA798GIn stock$3.00
2SA814In stock$0.75
2SA814OIn stock$1.50
2SA815YIn stock$2.25
2SA816In stock$0.75
2SA816YIn stock$0.54
2SA818YIn stock$4.50
2SA823In stock$0.75
2SA841In stock$0.75
2SA847In stock$0.75
2SA847FIn stock$0.75
2SA850In stock$1.10
2SA870GRIn stock$0.34
2SA872AIn stock$0.75
2SA893In stock$3.00
2SA912QIn stock$0.75
2SA912RIn stock$0.75
2SA915In stock$0.75
2SA934RIn stock$1.50
2SA954In stock$1.10
2SA966In stock$1.15
2SA966YIn stock$1.50
2SA968OIn stock$1.50
2SA970BLIn stock$1.10
2SA970GRIn stock$1.10
2SA979In stock$0.75
2SA981In stock$3.75
2SA991FIn stock$0.75
2SA991YIn stock$1.50
2SA995In stock$2.25
2SB1017YIn stock$0.75
2SB1094YIn stock$7.50
2SB1142SIn stock$3.00
2SB1237RIn stock$0.75
2SB434In stock$0.75
2SB527In stock$0.75
2SB528In stock$2.25
2SB531In stock$0.75
2SB536In stock$1.56
2SB541In stock$0.75
2SB554In stock$5.25
2SB554RIn stock$8.25
2SB555In stock$4.50
2SB555OIn stock$9.00
2SB556RIn stock$1.50
2SB557BIn stock$7.50
2SB595OIn stock$1.60
2SB596In stock$0.75
2SB596OIn stock$1.50
2SB596YIn stock$0.75
2SB600In stock$4.50
2SB633In stock$1.70
2SB646In stock$0.75
2SB647In stock$0.75
2SB649In stock$1.50
2SB655BIn stock$3.75
2SB681RIn stock$9.75
2SB682In stock$0.75
2SB688RIn stock$3.00
2SB697In stock$2.25
2SB698FIn stock$0.75
2SB705In stock$3.00
2SB755OIn stock$3.00
2SB755RIn stock$3.00
2SB834OIn stock$0.75
2SB834YIn stock$3.75
2SB863OIn stock$0.75
2SB891RIn stock$0.75
7708In stock$0.75
7734In stock$0.75
7812MIn stock$1.00
FS7805M7744In stock$1.00
FS78127923In stock$1.00
FS7812M7928In stock$1.00
NJM072BSIn stock$1.50
.18ohm,3W CEIn stock$0.23
.1ohm, 2W CEIn stock$0.30
.1ohm, 5W CEIn stock$0.38
.23ohm, 5W CIn stock$0.38
.27ohm, 5W CIn stock$0.38
.27ohm,2W CEIn stock$0.38
.33ohm, 2W CIn stock$0.45
.33ohm, 5W CIn stock$0.38
.33ohm, 5W xIn stock$0.45
.33ohm,3W CEIn stock$0.45
.47ohm, 3W CIn stock$0.38
.47ohm, 5W CIn stock$0.38
.47ohm, 5W xIn stock$0.38
.47ohm,2W CEIn stock$0.45
150ohm,1/2WIn stock$0.38
240ohm,1WIn stock$0.38
3.3ohm, 10WIn stock$0.45
680ohm,1/2WIn stock$0.38
8v160maIn stock$0.75
TLR401In stock$0.75
Manual Tools
Power Tools
USED-Refurbished Products
2246 (Tektronix Osc.)In stock$320.00
3000C (BPI)In stock$1,565.50
3100D Leader OscOut of stock$1,489.75
70206A (HP Spectrum)In stock$510.00
Altec LancingOut of stock$410.00
AMPZILLA (GAS)In stock$1,282.50
Beckman F63AIn stock$110.00
Black & DeckIn stock$14.50
EEEIn stock$75.00
EMCO ACM-6DOut of stock$43.00
LX159In stock$0.68
Sencore CM-3In stock$1,090.00
Skill 1823In stock$33.00
Sound Technology 1500AIn stock$750.00
Sound Technology 1700BIn stock$550.00
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April 28th, 2018
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